Project Index, Folkert Gorter (Info)

︎︎︎ Current

  1. Cargo Platform, Site Building
  2. Gutenberg Man Typography, Archive, Designers
  3. Turing Type Personal Photographs, Readings
  4. Oerlaap Translation, Writing, Biography
  5. Brieven Typography, Dutch, Books
  6. ColorTyper Interactive, Typography, Color
  7. Clippings Archive, Reading, Books
  8. Los Angeles Books, Carlos Castaneda
  9. Machines of Loving Grace Archive, Video
  10. Journey to the End of the Night Translation, Video
  11. Useful Music Music, Playlists
  12. Cargoworld Instagram Archive, Cargo, Design

︎︎︎ Past Projects

  1. Persona Platform, Site Building
  2. But Does it Float (2009) Blog, Art, Archive
  3. Space Collective (2006) Community, Research platform
  4. (2000) Community, Design