Project Index, Folkert Gorter (Info)

︎︎︎ Current

  1. Cargo Platform, Site Building
  2. Gutenberg Man Typography, Archive, Designers
  3. Turing Type Personal Photographs, Readings
  4. Oerlaap Translation, Writing, Biography
  5. Brieven Typography, Dutch, Books
  6. ColorTyper Interactive, Typography, Color
  7. Clippings Archive, Reading, Books
  8. Los Angeles Books, Carlos Castaneda
  9. Machines of Loving Grace Archive, Video
  10. Journey to the End of the Night Translation, Video
  11. Useful Music Music, Playlists
  12. Cargoworld Instagram Archive, Cargo, Design

︎︎︎ Past Projects

  1. Persona Platform, Site Building
  2. But Does it Float (2009) Blog, Art, Archive
  3. Space Collective (2006) Community, Research platform
  4. (2000) Community, Design

SpaceCollective was a joint initiative of filmmaker Rene Daalder and designer Folkert Gorter. It was an independent creative research platform — a community of artists, designers, programmers and all manner of forward thinking-type individuals. Here they shared information and ideas about possible futures.

Daalder was the project’s main author; Gorter was the site’s designer and curator. The system architecture and technology was created by Josh Pangell, all video editing and production was done by Aaron Ohlmann, and the intro animation was created by Remon Tijssen.

Quote: Rick Poynor in Eye Magazine, 2010 (link)
“SpaceCollective’s innovative website, at once lucid and intoxicating, adds substance to techno-hippie optimism.”

“Staffed, curated and written by self-styled ‘forward thinking terrestrials’, SpaceCollective went public at the end of 2007 and it has grown into a labyrinthine collective endeavour.”

Quote: Rick Poynor in Eye Magazine, 2010 (link)
“SpaceCollective’s design is one of the best things about it, an innovative and durable framework that avoids resorting to routine, page-like boundary markers and makes use of the full screen, while still maintaining a lucid, hierarchical structure. The feeling, as you navigate through SpaceCollective, is of an environment that is visually complex, dense with ideas, yet at the same time open, legible, mobile and elastic. You are moving smoothly within a matrix of possibilities that allows you to remain constantly oriented in relation to its many paths.”

Quote: Rick Poynor in Eye Magazine, 2010 (link)
“Here at last, screen design starts to achieve the complexity of composition and layout — and the possibility of a syntactic relationship between images – that we take for granted on the printed page. SpaceCollective is so fluent, capacious and adaptable that the system has become the foundation for a new publishing platform, Cargo, already in use by Bruce Mau and other designers.”